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Football Wealth Management Group is a leading philippines management group, which uses the results of football matches as an investment model. It is a leading company in Asia and the United States in the field of financial management and investment.
Entering Asia for the first time and looking forward to working with you profitably!

Introduction to investment in anti-score concept: Convention soccer game is predicting the specific final score of game match. However, Reversal is the prediction of incorrect score. As long as the final result of the match doesnt not match the investors ordered score, the investor win and profit,and the winning rate will be as high as 15/16. The competitions is Open and transparent around the world.

Platform reload and withdrawal speed is assure and fast, and is guaranteed that the transaction will complete within 10 minutes after the successful recharge. The financial system support multiple national banks.

You are not alone, there is professional investment advisors and professional team leadership in every team, and exchange experiences with advisors and other investors in team. The group has also launched a consistency and stable agency model with a reasonable bonus system, allowing you to make money hand frees and have a steady stream of income!

24hours on call services, 1 on 1 online account manager is available and ready for service you with meticulous help and solve your problems. Sincerely at your service.

Company background
& advantage introduction

The anti-Score Concept is originated in the United Kingdom and is called a sports hedge fund. The actual use of this model is hedging football entertainment activities on the risk of loss. The local football entertainment culture is tolerance on this new gameplay, was extended in the later stage.It is now popular among players because of low entry threshold, easy to play, and wide audience.

Football Wealth Management is a leading international professional asset management group. As of December 3, 2017, MG Sport Football Wealth Management's market value was worth of US$690 million in total assets under management.

The company was recognized and had obtained licensed to operate from the Philippine government internet sport certification and supervision. The company also link with investment company cooperates with two global Internet sports giant, William and Libo companies. Internet Soccer Sport was founded in MG sport company, and had become a trend since then globally in Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Singapore, China, Taiwan and so on. 14 countries was in operation respectively.

Investors are free to buy and sell at in response to changes in personal preferences without any capital lock-up period. Real-time profits and costs are viewable. All investment results can be queried via any third-party platform in the world, and the data is transparent and fair.

If everyone wins, where is the source of income come from?
The profit of MG Sport Group can be explain with an example of score choice from 0-0 to 3-3, there are stable and low risk scores,and there are also high risk and high reward scores. The gameplay covers many types of investors, but there will be only one final scores of each game.

When the final score matches the orders, some investors lose the bet amount, this capital will be distribute to profitable investors, and there will be 5% profit handling fee charge on profit amount. The platform risk control through the tradable volume and profit percentage.

Assuming that the investor's losing capital is 1 million, and the profit investors is estimated between 850,000 and 950,000, and the platform earning point is 10 to 15 .Therefore, the profit is unquestionable, and the profit of the tradable volume is open and transparent. This is the profit cycle system of the platform and Only a strong system can operate sustainably.

The difference between the anti-Score football and in and conventional football is, must make a good prediction to win, the probability of winning is less than 7%. However, this method is different. If order is not the final score of the match, is a profit game. There will be 16 set of game score in a game. There is a 15/16 profit probability if you guess, and the winning rate is as high as 94%. The winning rate of the correct score is only 1/16. however, the winning rate of buying "against" is as high as 15/16; "Results of the anti-score investment platform.

For example, if the final score is 2:2, As long as the final score is not 2:2 in members orders, it is profitable.
Take score choices of 0:0 as an example, the probability of kicking such a score is about 28.81%. From the perspective of the inverse score, the probability of profit is 71.19%, and the probability of a football match with a score of 3:3 is about 2.27%, and the profit probability of anti-score concept is 97.73%。

and with the professional analysis of the team's from previous game records, the probability of profit is even higher. The group offers 1-3 3-3 games with an additional limit every day to give members the benefits. Even if you don’t understand the analysis of the game, you can have a stable income of about 2% Return on Investment every day,an investment plan.

MG Sport’s annualized rate of return can reach between 30% and 300%, with a profit margin of 0.5% to 25% per game. The platform provides about 40 to 200 international games every day for players to purchase.

Profit plan

3:3 Stable Profit Plan 100%

Take the most unlikely score choice of "3:3" in football, the most contrarian investment on basis, the daily average profit is 2~5%, and the average monthly profit is about 50~100%

Accurate profit plan 200%

Lock in a relatively safe score, and the profit is higher than "3:3" for investment, the average daily profit is 8~20%, and the monthly profit is 200~400%

500% High Risk Profit Plan 500%

High Accuracy analysis on each game, choose the most unlikely score from the midpoint for investment, the average daily investment profit is 20~35%, and the weekly 140~245%

VIP member: Nana

Profit: RM 90,685

It was through a friend's introduction that I realized MG Sport football anti-score financial management.
I didn't think too much, so I registered for free and received 1,000 myr for the experience.

Member (profit history)

Member: Kerener

In world of financial management, is never about How much we can earn, but who last longer! Financial management is about sustainability,consistency,stable to reach our destination, never about speed! An excellent investor should have the patience and long-term stability of a sniper mindset.

~ Quoted by top investment and financial management

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